How To Reskin My Trucks and Trailers

These Instructions will teach anyone willing to "repaint" my Basic Trucks. Specificaly my "Freightliner Classic - Green".

 With practice you can apply what you learn to my more complex creations and even other peoples creations, with their permission of course.

These instructions are made for cloning and reskinning utilizing Trainz Content Manager.

Cloning the Truck
Downloaded and install the "FL Classic 6 Color Pack" from the Trucks page. Select the "Freightliner Classic - Green"  truck in Content Manager.

Right Click and select "Clone".

Go to the "Open for Edit" tab. There you will find the truck you just cloned.
Right click on the new cloned asset and select "Edit -> Edit in Explorer", or click on the asset and hit Ctrl+Shift+E. A Windows Explorer window will open showing the files contained within the Asset.

There are two ways you can do this:

Method 1 (easy)
If you have a graphics editing program that will open/edit/save Targa (.tga) files, simply open the file "truck cab color.tga" in whatever graphics program you use. The file is single color 64x64 pixel. Just change the color to whatever single color you want the truck to be and save it. Do the same thing with "truck frame color.tga" if you want to change the frame color.

If you are editing one of my FedEx trucks and want to change the Logo on the door and roof then you need to open the file "FedEx.tga" and create a new logo. This requires better than beginner skills in graphics editing. The background behind the logo MUST be the same color as the color you choose for "truck cab color.tga".
Regardless of name of the logo you create you must resave the file as "FedEx.tga". This is the name of the graphics file that the mesh is looking for.

Method 2 (not as easy) (you may already know how to do some of these things but bear with me, some folks may not know.)
If you don't have a graphics editor that can handle .tga files, no problem.
Open Microsoft Paint (Start Menu> All Programs> Accessories> Paint).
On the top menu, select File> New.
Again on the top menu, select Image> Attributes...
In the window that appears set the width to 64, the Height to 64, and
Units to Pixels. Hit "OK". You should be presented with a small white square on the top left corner under the color palette.
Select the "Fill with Color" tool from the toolbar, (it looks like a bucket of paint).
Select a color from the Palette, or double click any color on the Palette to define a custom color.
After picking a color, click on the small white square. The square should change to whatever color you selected.
On the top menu, select Save as...
Save the file as "truck cab color.bmp" and save it to the folder with all the other files for the new Asset.

In the Assets folder, open the text file "truck cab color.texture". This should open with Notepad. In the file you will see this:

Primary=Truck Cab Color.tga

Change the ".tga" at the end of "truck cab color" to ".bmp". Save and close the text file.

Repeat the above steps for the frame color.

Finalizing and commiting the New Asset

In the Assets folder, open the text file "config".
Warning! Be careful what you change in this file!
If you are cloning my Green Classic:
Behind "username" you will see:

"Freightliner Classic - Green"

Change the "green" to the name of whatever color you choose for the cab color. Do not delete any of the parentheses.
If you are comfortable with what you are doing edit the description too. Edit anything between the parentheses, but again, don't delete the parentheses.
Save and exit the file.
Close the Windows Explorer window.

In the Content Manager, right click on the new cloned asset and select Edit -> Commit, or click the Asset and press Ctrl+M. This will close the editing and save and commit the new truck for use in TRS. The name should change to the username you specified in the config file.

Your done. run Trainz and enjoy! 

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