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The Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) F59PHI is a 3,200 horsepower (2.3 MW) B-B diesel-electric locomotive. The F59PHI utilizes an EMD 12-710E3, a 12 cylinder, 2 stroke, water cooled "Vee" diesel engine (prime mover).  It is the current main workhorse for Amtrak, and utilized by many metro commuters. 

Model Features: 

TS 2009/2010 Versions

Highly Detailed 3D Mesh

Prototypical Paint Scheme

Auto Assigned Prototypical Road Numbers

Illuminated Number Boards

Flashing Ditchlights (hotkey "semicolon")

Automatic Red Running Lights (turn off/on depending on running direction of train)

TRS 2004/2006 Versions 

Highly Detailed 3D Mesh

Prototypical Paint Scheme

Automatic Prototypical Road Numbers

Automatic Red Running Lights (turn off/on depending on running direction of train)

The F59PHI will be offered in two separate files. Click the top half of each picture to download the TS2009/2010 files, or click the bottom half of the picture to download the TRS2004/2006 files.

Thanx goes to "mikey186" for making the engine and the horn/bell sounds.

Thanx goes to "cabuse" for providing the script file for the running lights and auto running numbers.

Thanx goes to "robin_hoods" for repackaging the locos to be compatible for TRS2004 and 2006.

If The picture does not say TRS2004/2006, then that Livery is only available for TS2009 and 2010 at this time.

I will generally post news of the new releases in my thread on the trainz forums.

Amtrak Cascades Versions 1 and 2 

 Version: kuid2:206307:1241:7          Dec. 11, 2010

Version: kuid2:67585:1241:7          Jan. 01, 2011  

Version: kuid2:206307:1285:3          Dec. 11, 2010 

Version: kuid2:67585:1242:7          Jan. 01, 2011  


Amtrak Surfliner 

Version: kuid2:206307:1246:7          Dec. 11, 2010 

Version: kuid2:67585:1246:7          Jan. 01, 2011 


 Metrolink Versions 1, 2, 3, and 4

Version: kuid2:206307:1236:1          Sep.16, 2010 

Version: kuid2:67585:1236:1          Oct. 21, 2010  

Version: kuid2:206307:1242:1          Sep.16, 2010 

Version: kuid2:67585:1242:1          Oct. 21, 2010 

Version: kuid2:206307:1240:1          Sep.16, 2010 

Version: kuid2:67585:1240:1          Oct. 21, 2010 

Version: kuid2:206307:1286:1          Sep.16, 2010