End Users License Agreement


Yukonzoom's License Information (EULA) 

All of my content is offered free of charge. Donations ARE welcome! (Donate with the paypal link.)

All of my creations are offered as is with no implied warranty or support. I assume no responsibility for compatibility or functionality problems on any computer except my own. All content offered on this site are exclusively my own creations unless otherwise stated in the download comments. 

Permission, and encouragment are given in advance to reskin and upload your reskins to the Trainz Download Station or other websites for sharing for Trainz Railroad Simulator. Please give me credit for my 3d meshes. 

All creations contain my KUID, and all reskins containing my 3D mesh files must remain freeware and MAY NOT be used for monetary gain. None of my creations or reskins containing my 3d meshes may be packaged into any payware routes or sessions without my permission.


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