Buildings and Structures Downloads


Animated Farmyard Windmill 

This was my very first Gmax creation for Trainz.

I used Ian Manion's (Vulcan) windmill tutorial. This was a very helpful tutorial which taught me alot about using the different tools in Gmax. Of course I got a little creative beyond the tutorial.

Thanx Ian!

Mechanical Billboard

This is a roadside billboard with animated effects. It uses 96 verticle slats to mechanically change between 3 different advertisements.  It is easily reskinable with some knowledge of use of a photo editor. Reskin by editing the "logo ads.tga" file.

 Microwave Tower


York, NE Beachball Watertower 

Wind Generators

6 Wind Generators in 3 different sizes. Each size has 1 animated and 1 static. 

MWT-1000 Wind Gen Pack.cdp MWT-1000 Wind Gen Pack.cdp
Size : 0.232 Kb
Type : cdp
Wind Gen 4 pack.cdp Wind Gen 4 pack.cdp
Size : 0.242 Kb
Type : cdp

Darrieus Style Wind Generator, Animated 

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